Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Phoenix_Firebird- Mesh By Simms

#rushed update to newest phoenix release base
#Spoof Mac and HDD serial id
#Firebird Import/Export
#Unlock Phoenix Import/Export
#Unlock All Textures
#Shift Right Click Open Sculpt/Shift Left Click Open Texture
#Object Textures Incognito Style
#Avatar Texture CpAllToInv
#Black/White/Alpha/Invis or UUID to Texture picker
#Particle Rip
#Local Inventory
#Hex Editor/Text Editor
#Inventory Backup Load
#Notecard Import/Export, Copy All Objects to inv
#Script Import/Export(Mod)
#VFS Explorer
#Load Local Assets Floater
#Message Builder/Message Logger
#Clipboard Keytool(Open Assets By UUID(copy uuid press shift,ctrl K))
#Wearable Uploader
#Gesture Uploader
#BVH to Animatn Converter
#Anything Else Through Bulk
#Extended Object Inventory Properties
#Avatar huds Detection And Snooper(Inv and Child textures)
#Sound Explorer With Custom Buttons
#Animation Explorer with Custom Buttons
#Voice Hax Pos Floater
#Object Interceptors
#Fake Away Status
#Avatar Clothing Rip Floater
#AO UUID Notecards
#Huds,AvTextures,AvAnims,Export,CpPos,AvClothing To Radar
More to come
don't ask about griefer features Gankedlife is for them

[Image: Phoenix-the-legendary-bird.jpg]

PartyHat Viewer

[Image: 21kfiwx.png]

PartyHat Viewer Mac version release by mightymarc

Hello MacGoons...

I've managed to do a successful compile (with a little struggle) of the PinkiePie/PartyHat Viewer for us Mac users. I haven't tested it extensively, but logged in once, and had a look at what the viewer has to offer, so far looks like everything is operational. ***(UPDATE: Sound is non-operational, will work on getting FMOD to compile with the next release).

If you would like to give this version a whirl. You can download using the following CASE senstitive pw =

NovaStorm Secondlife viewer

[Image: purplewheeledtriskelion.png]

# Added Animation Explorer with Copy UUID and copy to Temp Inventory option.
Open Temp animations to use "Save as .animatn" option, and they can be re-uploaded using Bulk Upload menu.

# Added ability to use "UUID notecards" in AO .
Heres a little "How-to:" on how to use them as method is slightly different from V1 Viewers:

To use UUID Notecards with AO:

In this example grab a UUID AO notecard from Animations section of this forum, then paste contents into new notecard inworld.

1. Copy notecard to "Animations" Folder in your Inventory.
2. Open AO menu and Tick box next to "LoadUUID".
3. Drag notecard onto AO menu and it'll create Temporary anims for the UUIDs in Animations folder.
4. Untick box next to "LoadUUID", and drop AO notecard onto AO menu again and this time it'll load the notecard and make the inventory links for the anims.
5. Now you can select the "AO set" in the AO menu. As with any AO you'll have to set the Cycle and Randomize options for stands,walks and other anim states which have several anims in them.

Remember that the Anims it makes in your inventory are only Temporary so they will be removed on logout, so after a relog delete the AO set from your AO menu and repeat the steps above.


# Sound Explorer with Copy to Temp Inventory,Copy UUID and Save to hard-disk.

# Asset Blacklist Floater


# Build floater has unrestricted texture viewing/uuid/copy uuid/paste uuid, download any viewed texture. (can also hold Shift and Right click on face of an object to open texture preview with save option)

# Inspect-Textures floater - right click any item and select "Texture Inspect" to see a list of all textures used in object with preview window (can copy selected texture or all to temp inventory.)

# Export/Import-Linkset with "Forge Creator" and ability to select a load of unlinked prims and right click import and it will use random prims from the selected ones to create item, so created object dont have all the same creation dates.
(can export attachments worn on people also)
(Options are in the new right click menu...not the pie one)

# Particle reverse engineering.

# Uses its own Cache folder so it wont mess with other Firestorm installations.

# Ability to see what channel any Dialog Menu uses.

# Unlocked Region-Manager floater to allow sim ground textures to be viewed/downloaded.

# mac & ID0 spoof (untested but should work)

# Might add other stuff sometime...

 Download Here

Secondlife Copy Bot viewers

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GankedLife Viewer

[Image: sykzh3.png]
. hud detection
. texture unlocking
. import export slpe style
.av anims
.av textures
.save as/save inv cache in inventory
.sound explorer
.media filter

ShoopedLife Viewer

[Image: Shoop-Da-Whoop-212x300.png]

rip textures,
rip and download animations,
rip and download sounds,
UUID selector.
Shift Left rip texture/ shift right rips sculp to prims.
Upload gestures notecards lsl wearables free using bulk upload.
Right click copybot on radar
Bulk upload of temp textures
Ripping of all particle scripts in sim or from selected object
Local inventory for loading of assets for single session use
Ability to use UUID keys in the inbuilt AO
Ability to set custom mouselook crosshairs or choose from the list of preloaded crosshairs
Avatar target name on mouselook and whether your have them in target
Ability to zoom right in using right mouse button and scroll
Right click save as inventory backup (assets)
Keytool will also inject wearable using the uuid.
Sitting detection to radar so you can tell if the faggot is sitting or not.
Messagebuilder/Messagelog – wingridproxy type intercept read and inject message packets

ShoopedLife by: Ap0110
Download here.

DarkStorm Viewer 2.7

[Image: darkstorm_icon.jpg]
Wish DarkStorm Viewer

- FIX: preview animations
- FIX: bulk upload fail & added bulk upload wearables
- FIX: pie menus
- FIX: DS Explore Textures crash on mesh
- ADD: AvHud get UUIDs
- ADD: texture picker – button invisible texure
- ADD: DS preferences – choose JPG/TGA for textures at inventory SaveAs…
- ADD: object explode & destroy objects
- ADD: Obj Export (Wavefront)
- UPDATE AO: AOs from UUID notecard saves in #Darkstorm folder **